SAT testing


Shelby Carlson, Online Reporter

The SAT, what some students consider to be the most important test of their high school career, is coming up in the next few weeks.

The test scores are most frequently looked at by colleges looking to accept or deny applicants. It shows a students overall academic performance. Although it is not the only thing the colleges look at when going through applications, they definitely take your scores into account, differing from college to college.

The SAT includes sections such as reading, writing, language, and math to challenge students abilities. The questions are directed specifically to target skills most necessary to college success.

The bulk of the test focuses on key words and expressions popular in many writings in a variety of subjects. The words used are probable to be seen again in students futures.

In order to prepare, there is free online practice and sites such as Khan Academy to help students study for their test.

“I feel a lot of pressure from myself to do well. I’m nervous I wont do well despite several hours of studying on Khan Academy and in class work, I still don’t feel it is enough” junior Anthony Barney said. ” If my scores aren’t what I’m hoping for, I plan on hiring a tutor over the summer to prepare for a retake.”

Some students scores increase or decrease when taking the test a second time around.

“I have taken the test four times,” Senior Anna Trenkamp said. “And did worse every time I’ve taken it. I studied through Khan Academy, but I guess that wasn’t enough.”

You’s total score ranges from a 400, being the lowest, to a 1600, being the highest. The score is broken up by section. You can earn from 200 points up to 800 points in the reading and writing section and, also, from 200 up to 800 points in the math section, for a total of 1600 points possible.

“I got an 1180 on the SAT” said senior Emily Klee. “I’m happy with my score because it will get me where I need to go. However, I don’t believe the SAT is useful because I feel it just gives colleges another way to rank us.”

All colleges have different required SAT scores for students to be accepted. For example, while many community colleges don’t require an SAT score from students, a college such a Harvard University will only accept very high scores, although there is no definite requirement.  A 1460 will put you in the lower rank of Harvard applicants, while a 1590 will put you in the high percentile.