Alyssa Ali, Online Reporter

The rush found in competing seems to be embraced by a considerable selection of individuals. In some cases, the idea of advancing on forms a competitive environment. All factors that go into such actions are said to create a drive of ambition and a need of dedication.

HOSA exists as a medical related conference in which high school students present original ideas on influential topics. If a group places high enough, the individuals move onto states and if placed high enough at states, nationals is the next and final stage. HOSA nationals will be held in Florida.

Students are given the opportunity to chose the basis of an event and expand from such idea.

Much of the participant’s time is dedicated to planning and practicing. Organizing and preparing is said to be done at school and during extra time outside of school. The preparation consists of many hours each month and takes much focus and dedication.

“We choose our events in the beginning of November and we start preparing immediately,” senior Zoie Jones said. “We work both inside and outside of class.”

Pressure seems to become somewhat of an impact relating to the concept of motivation. While the students are asked to present at the conference, naturally, students can become a bit nervous. Some individuals benefit from the pressure as others tend to be negatively effected. Presenting can add nerves as it is known you are under evaluation.

As nerves can produce a rush of emotions, some gain useful knowledge and skills they can utilize for the rest of their lives. When those who benefit from such pressure become aware of their ability, it is said they continue to use such.

“I had to be able to give an answer on the spot,” senior Nate Montalbano said.

In all of the work the members do, bonds form between them as much time is spent preparing for events. For some, HOSA serves as a great opportunity for new experiences.

“I got to meet a lot of new people and the atmosphere is great,” Montalbano said.

Committing to such activity presents a decision to be made. As many students are interested in the medical field, some students are involved for the social aspect and other students have different reasoning. The reasons vary from person to person.