Uplifting messages appear outside school


Parker Hopkins

The overarching theme of the project was unity between everyone at Utica.

Parker Hopkins, Editor

You may have noticed some new artwork as you walked into Utica High School, but don’t be alarmed. On Monday, March 25, Utica’s gender-sexuality alliance took to the sidewalks surrounding the school with chalk. Their goal: spread positivity, heartfelt messages and promote Trans Day of Visibility.

These messages and phrases can be seen outside the Main Office, in front of and on the side of the steps. With phrases like “Be yourself,” “You’re perfect” and “The world is a better place with you in it,” the club hoped to lift the spirits of students and staff alike.  They also offered messages aimed more towards the LGBTQ+ community, such as “Gay is okay.”

“It was fun to create, having everyone help out,” sophomore Davan Palmer said. “I think it’ll have a really positive impact, not only for trans visibility, but increasing the positive feel of everyone who reads it.”

They also hoped to spread awareness for Trans Day of Visibility with this project. Trans Day of Visibility is on March 31, and is meant to honor those who live their lives as authentically transgender and raise awareness for the discrimination they face. Senior Jonathan McGee is on the executive board for the club and was one of the people who helped bring the project to light.

“It was a step of positivity for all, especially the transgender community,” McGee said. “I feel like having the trans flag and the trans visibility by the first thing you walk by going into school helps show the trans students we have that they have a voice and that they need to remember to use it so those who couldn’t can be heard.”

The club hopes that these messages resonate with their peers at the school, and helps remind them that they have others who care about them. Junior Lauren Kerr was one of the students who wrote these uplifting messages. She described the club as “a caring environment that truly only wants what us best for others.”

“The message was a way for the group to prove to others that they aren’t alone in what they are dealing with,” Kerr said. “It was amazing of Mr. Lietz to okay this because it also shows the dedication of our principle for wanting what is best for his students.”

This colorful creativity is out there to brighten the days of everyone who sees it. If you see it, make sure to tell others about it and remind them that they have people who care about them.