Diving into the world of conspiracy theories

Diving into the world of conspiracy theories

Madalyn Dishman and Jacob Joseph

As the line between truth and lies becomes more blurred, conspiracy theories open up a new door of questions people have. Conspiracy theories range from questioning whether or not the moon landing was a hoax, from questioning whether or not Chuck E Cheese reuses pizza, and from believing if the Illuminati is real or not. Internet star and YouTuber Shane Dawson has used the platform YouTube to share his conspiracy theories with his 21 million subscribers (at date of publication).

Shane Lee Yaw, better known as Shane Dawson, was born in Long Beach, California, and is currently 30 years old. He began his YouTube career in 2008 posting comedy sketches. As his channel grew in popularity, he began to venture off into other fields of entertainment like releasing six songs, writing two books, and writing and directing a movie and docu-series.

In 2015 Dawson released his first conspiracy theory video and has posted several conspiracy theory YouTube videos since. Some of his videos have caused much commotion and public uproar.

“I think YouTube is a great platform to share conspiracy theories,” Hugyhe said. “It’s very accessible and it’s really cool.”

One of his most recent videos, was a conspiracy theory video including a segment on Chuck E Cheese. The theory stated that Chuck E Cheese reuses the pizza. In the video, Dawson provided video evidence of the pizzas not being aligned. As a result of the video, Chuck E Cheese was forced to release a statement.

Dawson has always had conspiracies included in his videos that have raised eyebrows and questions, but many people believe his new content is taking more risks, and that his videos are causing too much controversy.

Many iPhone users began to worry that Apple was allowing phone calls to begin before the call began. Dawson commented on this in his video and even showed an example of this.

“I believe most of his videos,” senior Cooper Doucette said. “But the one I don’t believe is the iPhone one and how they’re listening.”
Dawson and his friends expressed their concern for this after experiencing this first hand.

“The phone was already recording in a such a way that it got through to her,” Dawson’s cameraman Andrew Siwicki said.

Dawson also recently has been in the news for some of his other content. In 2018 he posted multiple series regarding other YouTubers. He posted his first video regarding YouTuber Tana Mongeau’s failure to host a “TanaCon” event in a three part series. Dawson also released videos that gave subscribers a look into YouTuber and beauty influencer Jeffree Star’s success and rapid growth in wealth.

Arguably the most controversial video series Dawson has released, however, is one regarding Jake Paul and exploring the possibility of him being a sociopath. People were instantly intrigued or disgusted by the series as it dived into what it means to be a sociopath.

For awhile, Shane Dawson arguably became irrelevant. As soon as he released these conspiracy theory videos, he became to grow popularity again and many people started to talk about him more.

“It was really interesting how these theories went unnoticed for so long and Dawson brought it to life,” senior Cooper Doucette said. “And now everyone is talking about them.”

Dawson’s YouTube videos of conspiracy theories have caused many people to talk about the possibility of these theories being real or not.