Lip Sync Battle Rescheduled

Oliver Gamez, Online Reporter

Utica High School’s Lip Sync Battle was cancelled due to not enough students signing up. But don’t fret; it’s rescheduled for Thursday, May 2.

“I’m kinda sad about not enough people wanting to join,” sophomore Selena Sulaka said, “but I get that a lot of people are shy and get embarrassed and might not want to.”

Student Council sophomores brainstormed ideas for a new school event a few months ago in hopes of making more opportunities for students to have a good time.

“It’s a relevant form of entertainment,” teacher Andrea Solomon said. “It’s also based on a TV show.”

The school’s Lip Sync Battle will be set up as the popular show with the same name, set up with judges and a competition format.

“We were brainstorming and remembered the popular show,” sophomore Caitlyn Wagner said. “Then there was a version for kids released, and we thought it would be cool for the students to have something like that.”

Price of admission is $5 per person, and funds raised will be donated to Leader Dogs for the Blind.