‘The 100’ Trailer Release and Countdown


Dennis Van Tine

Actress Marie Avgeropoulos, who plays Octavia Blake on CW’s ‘The 100,’ poses for a picture.

Mackenzie Olmstead, Staff



The CW channel is known for its teen drama shows. With popularly known series’ like ‘Riverdale,’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ teenagers eat up the series’ on their channel. However, while a lot of their shows in the past have been centered around high school drama, their show ‘The 100’ is not one of CW’s classic teen dramas.

The series is based off of the books with the same name by Kass Morgan. 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse on Earth, survivors’ children and grandchildren are living in space on a ship they call ‘the ring,’ or more commonly ‘the ark.’ The show follows Clarke Griffin as she and 99 other juvenile delinquents are sent down to Earth to see if it is suddenly survivable again.

A key rule on the ark is that if you commit any crime above the age of 18, it is punishable by death. How? Well, imagine being locked in a chamber and watching the people who don’t have to struggle to make ends meet press a button that sends you flying into space, resulting in your death. All criminals who are 17 or younger get sent to the ‘Sky Box,’ which is basically prison in space. When they turn 18, the felons are reviewed by the council members, who decide their fate.

In season one, episode one, Clarke and a few other delinquents discover they weren’t Earth’s only survivors. Cut to season five, Earth is undergoing a nuclear storm called Praimfaya that is a death wave, expected to last 5 years. Clarke is unexpectedly left behind on Earth alongside a new character called Madi, and they are the only ones left on the planet. Clarke’s best friends, Bellamy Blake and Raven Reyes along with a few others are in a spaceship to avoid Praimfaya, while Octavia Blake, Clarke’s mom and many others are in a bunker underground.

With where the season left off, Earth is hit with bombs and gone. All the surviving arkadians are in cryo sleep awaiting a new home. Their friend Monty never went into cryo and stayed awake to find a new planet for the survivors to live on before he later passed from old age. His son, (surprise!), wakes Bellamy and Clarke up and the gang then finds out they’ve been asleep for 125 years.

The next season of ‘The 100’ is going to be the sixth one. During this season we are going to get to see Bellamy try to mend his relationship with Clarke and Octavia as mentioned by the cast members, as well as Madi’s place as the new commander Monty’s son Jordan, and a brand new planet full of surprises.

The trailer was released on Thursday, March 28, and the first episode, titled ‘Sanctum’ premieres on Tuesday, April 30th on CW, though it was shown exclusively for fans who attended a convention called ‘WonderCon’ before then.

In the extended trailer, we get to see Clarke and friends on the colorful new planet and some brand new faces. The characters seem to be going through some type of hallucinations; Clarke is seen in flashbacks at Mount Weather, an infamous setting back in season 2, and Bellamy and John Murphy are violently fighting, Bellamy taking the fight all the way to a body of water.

While Octavia is shown fighting with a surplus of people, and is also caught at the end of the video sword fighting with her past self, also known as Blodreina, in the bunker where part of the group previously lived. Earth grounder Emori is in a clip where she is screaming as well as in a scene with Echo where they are running and jumping around, hysterically.

Season six’s theme is ‘Face your Demons’ so there is speculation that the hallucinations the group will be having is of their past selves and traumatic experiences they’ve faced.

Sophomore Nrec Marki is looking forward to the new season of his favorite show.

“I feel like season six is going to be a lot more hopeful than the other seasons,” Marki said. “The characters who have made mistakes in the past few seasons will now have a chance to gain their humanity back.”

Marki was one of many fans heartbroken by the death of a beloved character in last season’s finale.

“It was very heartbreaking to see a character who was loved so much die in such a heartbreaking and beautiful way.” He said. I thought it was shocking to see Monty and Harper had a son. It was predictable but it was shocking.”

Another student who is ready for the new season is junior Magan Leitermann.

“I’m excited to see where it takes off after the whole Monty thing,” Leitermann said. “I want to see how Octavia’s story will unfold, especially because of last season.

Unrelated to the new planet drama, Raven and Clarke left season five in an argument. Clarke wanted to take out certain people that Raven just didn’t want to lose, and Raven’s friend Echo, who is Bellamy’s girlfriend, nearly choked Clarke to death as she watched and did little to nothing. In this upcoming season, we will see a scene which was also shown in the trailer of Raven calmly arguing with Clarke.

“Every time you do something horrible, you say you’re sorry,” Reyes said. “But then you do it again.”

The clip then cuts to a very regretful looking Clarke. Many fans are taking sides with either parties in the encounter.

“I think that was Raven’s way of getting out some pent up rage built up from last season,” Marki said. “I think that it will be interesting to see the reason as to why she said that. I’m on Clarke’s side because she does what she does for her people, not for satisfaction.”

Like Marki, sophomore Nicole Bienkowski is also on Clarke’s side.

“I’m on Clarke’s side because I believe that Clarke is truly always doing the best she can do to ensure that the people she loves are protected but it’s not always easy to please everybody’s needs,” Bienkowski said. “I think Raven is angry and she’s trying to decide what’s right for the people and what’s wrong.”

However, Leitermann is in between sides in this argument.

“I think what Raven said is true honestly But I feel like it’s not okay for her to pretend they haven’t all made mistakes,” Leitermann said. “I feel like sometimes they do things for their own benefit even though they still care about their friends.”

Whether it’s the wait to see what happens between Octavia and Bellamy, or between Raven and Clarke, fans have a lot to prepare for as the countdown begins.