School day interrupted by blackout


Madalyn Dishman, Editor-in-Chief


Following two short blackouts early this week, Utica High has been in a blackout today since 9:35 a.m.

According to a custodian this power outage is due to a problem with the main power supply. It has also been reported by several students that the sinks located in the bathrooms aren’t working.

Questions remain about the status of students that are currently making up state tests, including the PSAT. Whether or not these students’ will have to restart the exam, or if they will have suspended scores is unknown.

While there have been no formal announcements from principal Tom Lietz or any additional staff members, students are waiting within their classrooms until further instruction.


With lunch periods beginning, cafeteria workers are using phone flash lights to assist students in purchasing lunch. The cash registers are still working.

The students taking the state tests are finishing their exams, according the counselor Virginia Krolczyk. They had one section left at the time of the black out and they decided to remain in the ECC room. The school has already contacted the state and they are aware of the situation.

Students will be dismissed at 11:30 a.m. The status of afternoon activities is still to be determined. An email and phone call has been sent to parents and guardians.