Early bird gets a five on the AP test


Advanced Placement biology students working hard on an early Saturday morning to ensure they will score well on the test. MACKENZIE MALONE PHOTO

Mackenzie Malone, Social Media Editor

It takes a special type of student to have the drive to take advanced placement tests. Those students are the kind that will do anything to succeed, constantly making sure they get the most of their education–even if that means coming in from nine to eleven on Saturday mornings for further preparation.

The spring time is a very busy season for students taking Advanced Placement classes. For two weeks in May, AP testing is held nationwide for students taking these classes.

“This time of year definitely stresses me out,” senior Cayley Ebeling said.”

It is said that AP Biology is one of the hardest AP classes available to take. The amount of needed to be taught is hard to fit into the eight months prior to the test.”

“I’ve taken quite a few AP classes, and all of them have been difficult,” senior Marco Caporuscio said, “but by far Biology has been the absolute hardest.”

AP Biology students have been coming in every Saturday morning for the past two months in preparation for their quickly approaching test.

“Students coming in for Saturday School are insanely dedicated,” senior Ian Wasilewski said. “They definitely deserve to get good scores.”

The class is taught by teacher Diane Buchi. If students are signed up to take the test, Buchi encourages all of those students to attend the Saturday sessions.

“It’s been such a help and serves as a review sometimes,” Ebeling said, “but sometimes it’s hard to get to school on Saturday mornings.”

Many students who take AP Biology and signed up for the test have prior commitments on their weekend mornings.

“I have baseball on Saturdays, so I couldn’t make the classes,” senior Johnny Tisch said, “but I’ve been studying on my own.”

Students that cannot attend these extra class periods may struggle more than students who came to learn.

“The test might be a little tougher, but I’ll get through it,” senior Michelle Nabozny, “I for sure wish I would have gone to more of the classes.”

AP test are scored on a scale of five. A score of five will get a student the most college credit. Although, a three or four will still earn students some credit in most colleges.

“I need a four on the test to earn enough credit at Michigan State,” senior Jillian Jezak said.

As an extra motivator for the students attending, Buchi makes sure that donuts are provided for everyone. The added sugar wakes them up and gives them another reason to come to school on their day off.

“I’m not a morning person,” Caporuscio said, “so having food there makes it a lot easier.”

May 13, the students will be taking their long anticipated test at eight in the morning.