A big heart for the big house


Alyssa Ali, Guest Reporter

In the process of fulfilling the desire of a passion, a natural affection seems to be found in its existence. Those who love what they do, in most cases, wish to carry on with it. Within the process of achievement, a great amount of focus as well as dedication is certainly required to maintain such success.

Zoie Jones of the senior class was admitted into the University of Michigan in December of 2018. Being one to achieve much in the classroom and in the sport of cheerleading, her potential was never questioned. She always knew she wanted to continue cheering in college but the question then became where.

Being raised as a Michigan State Spartan, her decision between Michigan State and U of M was not made to be simple, however, with confidence, she committed to the University of Michigan.

Once her college decision was made, cheer tryouts became her next big focus. Along with the years of dedication to the sport itself, weeks of preparation took place prior to the official tryouts.

On April 21st of 2019, Jones was officially accepted as a U of M cheerleader. With much to look forward to, she says she is very grateful to be able to continue in what she loves.

“I am super excited about making the team and I can not wait to meet everyone and to start practicing,” Jones said. “I am most excited to cheer in front of so many people at the Big House.”

Those around her have witnessed the amount of love she has for the sport and look forward to watching her continue with it as well.

“She gives her all everyday and has the biggest heart for the sport,” senior Autumn Ludwig said. “I’m not surprised she made the team and she definitely deserves it.”

With strength in all she does, former teammates mention how they never doubted her abilities. As well as confidence in knowing she will succeed, they also look forward to seeing her cheer in the future.

“I have had some awesome years cheering with her,” senior Erika Egnatoski said. “I am so excited to see her on the big screen next year and I always knew she would go far with cheer.”

There seems to be much to look forward to in Zoie’s Future and much support as well. She will began cheering as a wolverine in the Fall of 2019.