Marching band meeting

Raymond Altmann, Online Reporter

Band members learned about strict rules that will be enforced during the upcoming season, as well as information about next year’s theme and summer activities.

The Utica marching band hosted a meeting for the start of the new marching band season. The meeting was on April 29 at 7:00 pm which was hosted by band teacher Brett Bays. The meeting discussed subjects such as how to sign up for marching band and fill out forms, but a big topic was discussed at this meeting about new stricter regulations for marching band. All of the paper work for Marching band can be done and found online.

“I am excited for this band season,” said sophomore Jordan Haass. “Marching band has had such a impact on my life and I know this season will reinforce that”

There were many new regulations for marching band implemented this year changing students opinions on if they want to join marching band or not

“Marching band has become a much bigger commitment to some kids,” sophomore Brennan Stone said. “I can’t work at my job anymore because of it”

One of these regulations is that students aren’t allowed to balance a job and marching band it is one or the other. This is causing students to not want to participate in marching band.

“With all these new regulations i don’t know if I want to do marching band anymore,” senior John Mayberry said “I find my job more important than my marching band career.”

But some other students think that this is a good rule of making marching band someones first priority.

“I love the new rules for marching band,”sophomore Dillon Wagner said,”I think marching band should be peoples first priority, marching band is a serious sport and should be treated like any other sport”

The marching band season has started with the junior drum majors being Wagner and Annie Droelle and the senior drum majors being Gina Sapiano and Katie Phillips. They are all looking forward to a great season with the theme being The Great Showman