Avengers’ fans assemble for ‘Endgame’


Parker Hopkins, Editor

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information on previous ‘Avengers’ movies.

The wait is almost over for Marvel fans. After a year of anticipation, the next addition to the Avengers saga comes out this month. “Avengers: Endgame” is set to hit theaters on April 26, where we will finally find out just how our beloved heroes will save their friends and the universe.

The excitement for this film has been long withstanding, ever since Thanos first snapped his fingers and decimated half the population. Although he claimed it to be for the greater good, many fans couldn’t find it in their hearts to agree. Thanos did, of course, cause the apparent deaths of many favorites.

In December, the first trailer for the film was released, with the most recent one having come out just weeks ago. With these trailers came many theories from fans, though the studio hasn’t confirmed anything specific.

“The trailers and directors are really good at not giving away too much,” Principal Tom Lietz said. “I think Loki is alive and will have a pretty big role.”

One of the big theories that fans have come up with is about Loki, Thor’s brother and the god of mischief. Although he was killed at the beginning of

“Avengers: Infinity War,” many people, such as Lietz and sophomore Olivia Nordin, believe he will make a return in the upcoming film.

“He never stays dead,” Nordin said. “Loki has to come back for Endgame.”

Certain characters’ fates were left up in the air following “Infinity War,” such as that of Valkyrie and Pepper Potts. However, with the recently released character posters, the fates of these characters were revealed.

“I was really sad when they revealed that Shuri was dusted,” sophomore Davan Palmer said. “She’s one of my favorites.”

Many fans have also theorized what the future will hold following this film. Since many of the original Avengers’ actors contracts being up with this film, there is speculation that their characters may not be making a return in the future. Whether that means these heroes will live to fight on, or perish at the hands of villains, fans will just have to wait and see.

“I don’t think Iron Man is going to survive,” Nordin said. “As much as I love the character, I have a feeling his story is going to end in this movie.”

There are many theories that say at least one, if not more, of the original six Avengers won’t survive the movie, though many fans believe the fates of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, won’t end up good in the end.

“I think Thor and Hulk might survive,” Palmer said, “and I really hope Black Widow does, too.”

No matter what happens, the universe will be left in good hands, with the more recent introductions of new heroes like Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

“That was the original phase of Marvel heroes,” Lietz said. “Now they’re bringing in the more galactic ones.”

Certain theories don’t revolve only around “Endgame,” but also around the Marvel film, “Spider-man: Far From Home.” Fans have speculated the survival of certain key characters, such as Peter Parker and Nick Fury, due to their presence in the released trailer for the next Spider-man movie.

“I want to know why Peter looks at his suit with disgust,” Palmer said, referencing a scene in the “Far From Home” trailer. “It has to have something to do with what happens in ‘Endgame.’”

Whatever happens in the upcoming film, fans will always be able to rely on the movies of the past, and the heroes we’ve come to idolize. “Avengers: Endgame” will hit theaters on April 26, and then fans will finally find out if they manage to avenge the fallen.