Measles make a comeback

Cameron Smale, Editor

Through the years, the human race has medically advanced and overcome many different diseases. In the recent years, though, there has been a spike in the amount of people who are refusing to vaccinate their kids; this is freaking insane. Do they realize the consequences of doing this?

Apparently, the measles is making a comeback; thanks anti-vaxxers. The state of Michigan allows vaccination exemptions for religious, health and philosophical reasons. In my opinion, if a kid is not vaccinated, he or she should not be allowed to attend a public school. This not only puts the kid, who already has a weak immune system, in danger but also the kids around them.

Imagine taking your kid to the doctor and finding out that your kid contracted a rare disease because of some other kid with a crazy mom. That’s not a happy parent. Some people argue that vaccines make you sick, but that’s just your body figuring out what the disease is. And for the record, studies from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) prove that vaccines have no correlation with autism. The CDC also states that seizures are not caused by vaccines; they are simply caused by fevers that have no long lasting effect on a child.

Parents, please vaccinate your child. Don’t be ignorant. The facts say it all, and putting your kids’ lives at risk for some myths people made up on Twitter is basically child abuse.