SAT scores released

SAT scores released

Aiden Ketchum, Online Reporter

This week SAT scores were released, and there has been a mix of reactions from juniors. The SAT is a entrance exam that is used by colleges to see how the student has performed and test college readiness.

Juniors were seen checking their phones throughout the morning, anxiously waiting for their scores to be posted. While most logged into College Board accounts easily, others faced technical difficulties.

“I went onto college board to find my scores,” junior Manuela Capelj said, “but after logging in, it took a lot of clicking to find my scores.”

Emotions ranged from excitement to disappointment, and for some, even tears.

“I did not like my score,” junior Nur Awkal said, “because it was not high enough to get into the college I want to attend.”

Others, however, were happy with the results.

“It was a pretty easy test,” junior Alexis Deakin said, “but some of the questions were worded oddly written.”

Junior Michael Ludwa was pleasantly surprised when he found out his score.

“I did better than I thought I would,” Ludwa said. “For a four hour test and being tired, I would say I did pretty well.”

Although many students are satisfied with their results, there are some who would love to retake it.

“I will be retaking the SAT sometime this summmer,” Awkal said. “I’m planning on doing it about four times, and then sending my best scores to colleges.”