Senior or junior parking lot: which one is better?

Evan Gray and Madalyn Dishman

Senior Lot: Parking in the senior lot is so much better than parking in the junior lot. Why anyone would voluntarily park across the street when they could just arrive to school a few minutes earlier and park behind the school is beyond me. But alas, there are people who choose to do this.

Many people use the argument that they can sleep in if they park in the junior lot. However, after getting to school in the morning, I turn down the radio and take a snooze before heading into school. It does stink that I’m not sleeping in the comfort of my own bed, but it makes up for it after school.

The walk to the junior lot is a long and lonely walk; it seems barely anybody talks to each other while walking and that’s super boring. When I walk to the senior lot after school, I’m always finding somebody to walk with. It’s nice to talk to my friends one last time before we go our separate ways for the day.

We also live in Michigan, and it’s really cold most months we’re in school. It’s so nice only walking a short distance to my nice warm car, which is also probably better for our health as it decreases our chances of getting hypothermia.

Students also claim it gives them the exercise they need. I’m sure that is a benefit, but I dance every day after school for five hours, so getting enough exercise when walking to my car doesn’t concern me as much.

As someone who has parked in the dreaded junior lot a few times, I’m not saying this hypothetically. My time spent in the junior lot has been terrible and I end up getting home later than I do parking in the senior lot. So much for not being held up by the buses.

I’d rather risk a few minutes of sleep to park behind the school than park across the street and make that long walk every single day. Parking in the senior lot has made my life, and my brother’s life, so much easier and I recommend everyone give it a try; just don’t take my parking spot.


Junior Lot: The junior lot is superior to the senior lot for more reasons than someone could count on their hands. The best thing is that someone can sleep in if they want. When parking in the senior lot, you have to wake up at six A.M. and leave around that time just to get a good spot. On the other hand, I know many others and I show up at seven and still get a really good spot in the junior lot.

Also, the walk from the junior lot to school is a little bit of a hike, but who would want to miss out on some quality early morning exercise? Every morning I get to sleep in and then get my legs fresh to ensure that my day is full of healthy habits.

Anyone who shows up an hour before school to park right up front in the senior lot is just lazy and clearly can’t handle waiting for more than three seconds. Also let’s not forget that the buses all hold up the senior lot, and everyone who parked there is behind them, squeezing through the exit. Sometimes I leave before the buses even do, and I feel bad for anyone trapped down in the divot that students call the senior lot.

No hate toward students who ride the bus or bus drivers, but we can all admit that the buses move in slow motion and always cause a huge cluster of cars being held up around the school. I feel bad for anyone who misses needed sleep just for a “good” parking spot; it’s not healthy in my own opinion.

I feel like the junior lot has such a stigma around it for being so far, but I think it’s time for change and these junior lot haters shouldn’t judge until they try it. And not to mention, I have parked in the senior lot a handful of times and, to be honest, I truly hated it. It was impossible to get out and no one let each other go and it made my temper flare. I missed the junior lot at the end of the day.

But usually in the junior lot everyone lets each other out and it makes it such a happier place. I recommend everyone ditches the senior lot in revolt.