New safety measures implemented at Utica park

Dominic Lount, Reporter

In the spring of 2019, Grant Park received a mini renovation, something commonly done for the park. This renovation was not like the others though, as this was for no playground equipment, but for something benefiting the safety of all citizens attending the park. Along with other renovations, two blue emergency phones have been placed at different ends of the park that light up bright at night, hopefully reducing the number of fatal accidents that could happen in the park’s future.

“I think it’s a great idea,” junior Jack Shepherd said. “It keeps people at the park safe and makes sure nothing bad happens.”

The park, located in the city of Utica, has fell victim to graffiti, fights, and even murders over the past couple of years, and the city of Utica has had enough, making sure this action was carried out to make the park safer for everyone.

“I play basketball at Grant Park, so I’m glad they put emergency phones there,” junior Conner Windorf said. “It makes me feel much safer.”

The phones will automatically alert the police when used, providing a faster alternate to get assistance than calling with a cell phone would. The hope though, is that everyone will be responsible and will use the phones for serious purposes only. These phones poles are big and bright, and the phones are easy to access, making it easy to use for all ages.

“It’s cool to see how far security has come so we can have protection like this,” junior Cameron Smale said. “I think it will really make the park a better atmosphere to be in.”

Though many think the phones seem like a good idea, some also believe the far spacing between the two phones may be a problem, as there are still some areas in the park with no phone near.

“I think it will help,” junior Liam Taylor said. I just think it’s tough for how far they’re spaced apart.”

But overall, the hope is for the phones to make Grant Park a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone as well as for generations ahead.

One of two new emergency phones at Grant Park  Dominic Lount PHOTO