Fandom Club is here


Fandom Club Poster

Nur Awkal, Online reporter

Calling all fictional fandom lovers!

If you love everything about fictional characters then come to fandom club.

They are meeting May 20th (Anime themed), and June 3rd (Video Game themed). They have had many other meetings but the school year is coming to an end. There is still a new school year coming ahead which will give many the opportunity to still join this new club.

Their previous topics have been Harry Potter which met on April 8, Marvel themed that met on April 22, and Star Wars May 6.

To join the club there is an open door policy that allows anyone to walk in and join at any point of time. There is a schedule sheet online on the weebly.

This club originated from Mrs. Yucha and Michael Sheaves, when this student expressed his love for different types of fictional characters and books.

“The most challenging part about this club is getting the timing right,“ junior Michael Sheaves said. “And having a late start into the year”.

The school year is coming to an end but Sheaves is not planning on disregarding this club. He plans on continuing it next year.

The point of this club is to make everyone feel included. Sheaves wanted a more comfortable less formal place to just talk about what their favorite fandom’s are.

“I wanted a club where people could talk about their favorite fandom’s and simply enjoy the time there.” Sheaves said. “It’s something that I always lacked and figured that I wouldn’t be alone in the matter; so I acted upon a change.”

Both Mrs. Yucha and Sheaves have been wanting a more comfortable environment for all students that want to have some fun after school, so that is what they created.

The club is a comfortable environment that allows everyone in High school to join and not feel judged. There is a open free space for everyone to express themselves.