Mock elections


2019 Mock election winners

Mock elections have caused a ripple effect throughout the senior class. These elections pick certain seniors out of the crowd to acknowledge them for a defining trait. The top three boys and top three girls for each category were listed in the hallway.

There is a wide selection of categories for the graduating class of 2019. ‘Snazziest Dresser, Biggest Flirt, Next Apprentice, Class Clown, Next Top Model, Next Dance Star, Best Musician, Most Spirited Chieftain, and Cutest Couple’ are just a few of the categories seniors had to vote on.

Seniors voted for who they thought would fit these categories best. Even though every senior has a chance to be elected, some were very surprised to be named with a category.

”I didn’t really expect to win,” senior Cooper Doucette said. “I was very excited to hear that I won Snazziest Dresser.”

Since being sophomores they have made new friends and built up a reputation with their 2019 class. This reputation made them who they are today.

The winners received a sash at the senior breakfast, which took place on Wednesday, May 23.

“It was such an honor to find out I won Next Movie Star,” senior Jillian Jezak said. “It was really cool and I feel very proud.”

Mock elections are an interesting way for some seniors to remember who either looked the coolest, or made them laugh the most in high school.