Seniors say goodbye at the senior picnic

Haley Grooms, Editor

Saying goodbye to close friends, classmates, and teachers can be a hard task to complete. Although, food can usually make it better.

On the last day of their senior year, May 31, a picnic is held for the graduating class of 2019. Food, a DJ, slides, and other games are provided for the seniors to enjoy. Before this, underclassmen congratulated the seniors by clapping and cheering for them while they walked to the picnic.

“It is a great reward for the seniors to get fed and get their energy out,” principal Tom Lietz said. “It’s also nice for them to bond in a structured environment for the last time.”

Most seniors enjoy having the chance to bond with their peers for one last day at school.

“I’m having fun at the picnic,” senior Bre Carlo said. “It gives me a chance to be social with my friends again.”

The senior picnic is a tradition that many hope to see continue for years to come.

“Hanging out with my friends for the last time at school was fun,” senior Tom Marnon said. “It was for sure something to look forward to.”