But first, coffee

Arianna Palushaj, Social Media Editor

From cappuccinos to lattes all the way to cold brews and espressos, teens are all over coffee and always find themselves trying the latest and most hip drinks. For most people, the caffeine in coffee is what helps them get through their daily lives, but for teenagers, it’s all about the Instagram worthy mochas and cappuccinos that leave people on social media wondering where they are from.

One of the most crucial aspects for coffee goers is a comfortable area where they are able to relax, concentrate, and enjoy their coffee. Though there are many large coffee companies such as Starbucks Coffee, Biggby Coffee, Tim Horton’s Coffee and more, there are also coffee shops in our area that offer great coffee with an all around great atmosphere.

“My favorite place to get coffee is Desert Oasis Coffee Roasters in Downtown Rochester,” senior Alison Sanville said. “They have some of the most amazing coffee I’ve ever had and the vibe there is so great. It’s a cool place to listen to great live music, drink good coffee and just chill out.”

Although coffee is a nice energy booster, it also can be very pricey from different companies. On average, a medium Starbucks coffee costs around $3.65. That amount adds up if individuals find themselves getting Starbucks or different coffee weekly.

“I get Starbucks around 3 times a week and spend $3.49 every time,” senior Mackenzie Malone said. “So I roughly spend $544.44 on coffee a year which now that I think about it is kind of an unnecessary expense.”

Not only do coffee lovers spend a massive amount of money on fancy lattes, they also rethink ordering certain coffees because of their unhealthy factors.

“A lot of the time I stop myself from drinking coffee because I noticed how unhealthy it was,” junior Jessica Nevin said. “I love coffee so much but it just isn’t beneficial for your health.”

Coffee for many people is a part of their daily routines, but for others it can be viewed as a waste of money and too many calories to risk. Coffee isn’t made for everyone, but the ones who enjoy it cannot seem to get their hands off of it.