Rollin’ away with the tide.

Mackenzie Malone, Social Media Editor

For the past eight months, almost every conversation I have had has revolved around college and my plans for the future. It’s surreal that I have come to the phase of my life where I need to make a decision on what I want to do post high school and consequently, the rest of my life.

Until I became a senior, life after high school was hard to imagine. Even now, so close to graduation, its hard to envision a life where I attend college classes, pay an obscene tuition cost, and pay for my own phone bill.

Long story short, I’m getting old way too fast.

Long story even shorter, I’m scared.

When people ask me what my plans are for the fall, they are a little taken back when I tell them I’ll be going to The University of Alabama. The immediate follow-up question is always, without fail, “Why?”

I then proceed to respond with something along the lines of how they have a great program for what I want to go into, their campus is beautiful, its always been a dream of mine.

But the real answer is that I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.

Honestly though, what 17 or 18 year old genuinely knows what direction they want their life to go post-high school?

I do know that I have an incurable desire to experience life outside of the Michigan state boundaries. I do know that I am doing something that I have always wanted to do.

My biggest fear in life has always been the thought of being stuck in one place for the rest of my life, and since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to attend an out-of-state university.

The world is just too big and there are too many things for me to explore and see. Last time I checked, there was a lot more than just Shelby Township and its 24-hour Coney Island.

Despite how terrified I am to grow up, I am extremely excited to move away and live on my own. No offense to my mom of course. She’s been the driving force and most supportive person behind all these big decisions I’ve had to make lately. The biggest decision being to move almost 800 miles away.

I have a strong belief that it is super important for students to experience living on their own during college.

Everyone I have ever talked to about moving away for school has said the experience is incredibly life changing. You go away as one person and come home after your freshman year grown into a totally different person.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone should pack their entire life and move somewhere totally new.

What I am saying, is that despite what people say to you. Despite how difficult things may seem, or how hard life becomes, do not ever stop chasing your dreams.

In the months leading up to graduation and all of these momentous things that are about to happen to the class of 2019, I’ve had extreme anxiety that I’m making a huge mistake. Theres a little voice in my head that pops up at least once a day that makes me question everything I’m doing.

“Despite how difficult things may seem... 
Do not ever stop chasing your dreams.”




But then I take a deep breath, I count to ten slowly, and I remind myself that chasing a dream could never be a mistake.

So this is my message to all high school students, but most importantly, graduating seniors.

Whatever you decide to do after high school is up to you. As long as what you are doing makes you happy and feels right in your heart, you’ve made the best decision possible.

Move away for college, commute to school, don’t go to college. That choice is for you and only you to make. Turn your life into something you can be proud of. I know I will.

Roll Tide, baby.