Trick Or Treating.

Are high school students too old to trick or treat?

Free candy is the advertisement of the century for Halloween. Almost everyone loves candy, especially when it is free. Yet teens are shamed for participating in annual Halloween festivities.

Trick-or-treating had and will always be a fun way for kids to collect candy. Sometimes, people passing out candy will refuse to let high schoolers partake in the spirit. Killing a kid’s hopes and dreams for free candy is devestating for some.

Dressing up is also a fun festivity that people of all ages like to participate in. There are even adult costumes to enjoy. Yet teens are still discredited when they go out on Halloween looking like either a princess or a ninja.

It is arguable that high schoolers should go buy candy for themselves, but why buy candy when there is the option of earning it? Running from house to house makes all the work pay off with sweets.

High schoolers also have large amounts of stress. Candy tends to help people de-stress and also taste good at the same time. Some people think running from house to house for candy is a fun time. It is a break from hectic school work and an excuse to run around neighborhoods with friends.

Technically, most high school students are kids. Students are usually living at home and enjoy the comfort that parents provide. We students do not work a full nine-to-five job besides learning and still deserve the trick or treating rights.

Childhood does not last forever and we should not have our last years of freedom taken away because of angered adults. High school only lasts 4 years and then high schoolers turn into college students. Trick or treating is not really a celebrated tradition in college though.

Because Halloween only comes around once a year, students should be encouraged to go trick-or-treating. This should be an opportunity that everyone takes advantage of. Everybody wins. The neighbors are entertained by the unique costumes that people come up with, and us trick-or-treaters get candy.

Other holidays don’t get old to us so why should Halloween? What if everybody stopped giving each other gifts for Christmas? The world would be so dull and boring. Halloween is no exception. We should to carry on the long tradition of watching scary movies, going on haunted hayrides and, most importantly, is trick-or-treating.

October is a time of scaring friends and having fun in the fall. Halloween is in October and also a fun fall event, so it must go on no matter how old we are. Being “too old” for Halloween is like saying that we are too old to have any fun at all.
This is the one holiday that you can accept candy from strangers, and people want to throw that away? It might sound insane to do, but there are no other days of the year that gift us with free stuff.

Trick-or-treating is a part of our childhood that shouldn’t have to leave us when we get into high school. Even adults like candy. Candy doesn’t start tasting bad when we get older, so why should we just all of a sudden lose interest in it? Age doesn’t matter if we enjoy it.