Vaulting Into Arizona State


Isabel Redmond Courtesy Photo

Senior Isabel Redmond leaps during competition.

For many high school athletes, the senior season of their high school career will be last time they will ever play that sport. Fortunately, for senior Isabel Redmond, she has the opportunity to continue her sport at the collegiate level.

Redmond is a level ten gymnast which who will continue play at a division one gymnast school. She will continue doing gymnastics at Arizona State University.

“My biggest achievement is a full athletic scholarship to Arizona State,” Redmond said. “Also qualifying to level ten nationals two years in a row where the top 64 gymnastics in each state compete against each other.”

Redmond has been a gymnastics for 11 years and has been a level ten gymnasts for five years. Being a level ten gymnast is the highest level one can achieve. Redmond has many accomplishments to show for her hard work and time spent in the gym.
Redmond was also a regional bars and beam champion. In gymnastics, there are four events. The events are bars, beam, floor, vault, and all-around.

“Each event has two judges that give the gymnasts subjective ranged score (which is average between the two) on how perfect the gymnasts look,” Redmond said. “It is best to have pointed feet, straight arms, and legs, and no steps on landings.”

Each event is scored out of ten and the all-around is out of 40. Redmond scored a 9.675 for bars, and a 9.825 in beam. Her highest all-around score was 38.375.

“I am passionate about gymnastics because I get to take something as fun as gymnastics and use it as a way to benefit my future,” Redmond said. “It is a huge part of my life that I have put a lot of effort into to reach my goals.”

While Redmond will compete for Arizona State University, she participates at Olympia Gymnastics Academy for her club team for now.

Many athletes have a role model they look up to and strive to be.

“My biggest role model in gymnastics in Aly Raisman who is a two time Olympic qualifier who has gone through a lot of struggles to be such an amazing gymnast,” Redmond said. “She combines grace and power which is what I aspire to portray in my gymnastics. Also she is an advocate for women empowerment and an overall very kind person.”

Redmond has spent many years doing the sport she loves. Her hard work, passion, and dedication to the sport has helped her achieve her dream.

“It means the world to me because I have been working towards this goal for so long and it’s such a great opportunity to be able to continue gymnastics for a few more years,” Redmond said. “It’s very humbling to know that I get a chance to represent something bigger than myself through the sport I love.”

Redmond has achieved many accomplishments with gymnastics, and will surely continue her success in college. Not only has the sport helped her get a scholarship, it’s also helped her with other aspects of life.

“The sport has taught me many life lessons for teamwork to time management,” Redmond said.