Blackout breakdown: elevator stops working with two girls inside


Haley Grooms, Editor

Tight spaces, metal doors, and no escape; the elevator at Utica has a known reputation for being slow and creepy for some. However, with the power outage occurring on June 10, two students were unfortunately left stuck and in the dark.

Sophomores Clarissa Rose and Delaney Dahl were trapped for almost a half-hour during the outage.

“I thought she was joking when she said the elevator was broken, but then the lights went out,” Rose said. “It was really hot in there after awhile and I didn’t know what was going on outside.”

The Shelby Township Fire Department arrived in time to fix the elevator, and get the girls out. The power was not restored at this point, but the elevator was forced open.

“I’m good now,” Rose said. “It was scary at the time though.”