Dazzling Dippin’ Dots

Alexis Daniels, Online Reporter

Last year, students were given a choice to get rid of the classic Frozen Yogurt machine, and introduce a diverse selection of Dippin’ Dots to the menu. The students decided they wanted a change from the no longer profitable FroYo machine after so long of having minimal variety.

“We had all students take a survey last year and vote for what they would buy more of in the store, between Dippin’ Dots and FroYo,” teacher Dana Boice said, “they voted for the Dippin’ Dots.”

After the students voted, the school got rid of the old FroYo machine and replaced it with the new assortment of Dippin’ Dots.

“It seems a lot busier in the store this year since we’ve got them,” junior Leah Tomei said.

The store is seemingly busier after just a few weeks of having Dippin’ Dots available to the students, according to members of the Store Staff.

“You can tell people like them more,” junior Natalie Carter said, “They’re definitely more popular.”

It seems that switching it up and adding options was all that was needed to keep the store busy and the students happy.