Spirit Week possesses students

Student council plans ‘haunted victorian’ spirit week

Aspen Halbhuber, Online Reporter

In less than one week, on Monday, Sept. 23, Homecoming Spirit Week will be here to haunt the school. Here is everything you need to know to prepare for these spooky six days.

Monday is “Haunted Havoc,” Competition Day. Don’t forget: sophomores wear red, juniors wear blue and seniors wear white.

Tuesday is “Walking Dead,” Pajama Day.

Wednesday is “In Meme-oriam,” Meme/Vine Day.

Thursday is “Spirit of the Past,” Decades Day.

Friday is “Friday Night Frights,” Orange and Black Day.

Finally, Saturday is “A Ghostly Gala,” at the Homecoming Dance.

“Participating is a good way to show school spirit and it promotes class unity,” senior Student Council member Aidan Hughe said.

Student council put posters up for the spirit week near the beginning of the school year to ensure that students would have enough time to get their outfits together. Spirit Week is a common tradition at Utica, and helps students to get excited for the Homecoming festivities.

“Students should participate in Spirit Week because it brings the entire student body together,” co-adviser Melissa Kevonian said, “and creates a bond among the population to support our teams and celebrate as one throughout the week.”

Students use this as an opportunity to express themselves in a school setting.