Student council prepares class floats for homecoming parade


Ethan Smale

Sophomores add details to their homecoming float, a haunted football field.

Ethan Smale, Online Reporter

With homecoming only a week away, student council members have been working behind the scenes to create their class floats for the annual parade.

“It brings the each of the classes together,” student council co-adviser Melissa Kevonian said, “and shows school spirit.”

Sophomores work every Sunday at sophomore Ethan Smale’s house, juniors at Caitlyn Wagner’s, and seniors at Megan Walker’s. Additional days are added as needed.

Students do not need to be a student council member to participate; contact one of the hosts for more information on helping out with building the floats.

“I like cutting the plastic to make pom poms,” sophomore Aaron Rico said.

Sophomores are building a haunted football field, the juniors are building a haunted mansion, and the seniors are building a graveyard.

“The seniors have a really great connection and we bond really well,” senior Ryan John said. “We know our float is special to us, and to know that we put it all together is something really cool.”

The parade will take place Friday, Sept. 27 at 4:00 p.m. beginning at Jimmy John’s field in downtown Utica, and ending at Swinehart Stadium.