Utica United holds first meeting of year

Quinn Johnston, Online Editor

Utica United or GSA (Gender-Sexuality-Alliance) is an all inclusive club created to bring acceptance into Utica. It mainly focuses on sexuality and gender identity, and all are welcome.

On September 12, after school in room 230, Utica United had its first meeting.

“I think it’s important to have a club like Utica United,” teacher Kirsten Bolitho said, “so the students feel accepted and they know who the friendly faces are in their classes.”

Utica United is an accepting club that strives to normalize and support the LGBTQ+ community in Utica. It educates its members on sexualities, genders, and the issues the LGBTQ+ community faces, and it is a safe place to go.

“I felt it was really important for people to be included,” junior Davan Palmer said. “Ultimately, it felt like it was the best club for me to become a part of, and to become a leader of.”

This year Utica United is focusing more on GSA, and not just sexuality, to make more students feel included.

“I wanted to find more of who I was and more people like me,” senior Julia Hodsdon said.

Students who missed the first club meeting can still join. The next meeting is next Thursday, Sept. 19, at 7:00 am in the media center.