Picture retake day scheduled

Seniors have quick shoot option

Selina Rivera, Online Reporter

Utica High School provides students who missed registration in August an option to get their ID or yearbook photo taken. Picture retake day will be held Oct. 15 in the media center, and will start at 7:00 a.m. and will end around 9:30.

“Even if students are not ordering photos, they can still have their photo retaken if they don’t like it,” yearbook adviser Stacy Smale said. “This way, they will have a photo they like published in the yearbook.”

Seniors who want a more professional look for their senior portrait have another option. While they can still get photographed  for free in retake day, Senior Quick Shoot will be held in the media center on Nov. 7.

“Prestige is our official senior portrait company,” Smale said. “Students who weren’t photographed in a studio can have a professional photo taken on Quick Shoot Day for $20. It’s a great deal.”

Quick Shoot photos will appear in both the yearbook and the senior class composite.