French Club teaches culture to students

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French Club teaches culture to students

Jennifer Vaida, Online Reporter

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The French Club is having their first meeting Sept. 19 after school in room 248. Any students looking for an extracurricular activity are welcome to join teacher Susan Bernardi and the French Club cabinet for a year of fun, field trips, and French.

Thursday is the general meeting, held to cover what French Club is and set the foundation for those looking to join.

“We are trying to influence Utica to take a French class,” junior Kaytlin Wagner said, “and spread the French culture because not many know much about it.”

French Club encourage all students, not just French students, to join.

“We want to get all Utica students involved, not just French students,” Wagner said. “We do a lot of French activities that everyone can enjoy.”

Although not everything is focused on French, the students love including the culture and language in every meeting and activity. They go on several field trips, fundraisers, games and crafts, and crepe parties.

“All the activities and yelling at each other back and forth in French,” junior Allison Smith said, when asked about their favorite part of the club.

See Mrs. Bernardi in room 248 for additional information.