Powderpuff game scheduled

Allie Massey, Online Reporter

With the school year flying by fast, the Powderpuff game is only a few weeks away. The game is open for any junior and senior girls.

Teacher Kirsten Bolitho and the students are starting to prepare for it. There is a sign up sheet in Bolitho’s room (room 230). It is a $30 fee to play and a waiver that must be signed by Sept. 27. There is a mandatory practice on Oct. 3 from 4:45-6:30 after school. The game is on Oct. 8 and there are no refunds if participants do not show up.

The rules to be eligible to play are attending the practice, good sportsmanship, if you have any suspense at Utica  you are not allowed to play, you must be at school every day the week of the game.

“Everyone gets a chance to play,” Bolitho said. “It’s suppose to be a fun activity.”

The game is a great way to get to know others that aren’t in your classes or social circle.

“The practices were fun because it was a different groups of girls I didn’t talk to,” senior Mary Goepper said.

Some of the girls who played as juniors play again their senior year and Goepper is one of them.

“I’m excited to do it again because football isn’t a sport for most girls here but it was fun experiencing it.” Goepper said.

The Powderpuff game allows students to get more involved in school activities, and helps to create friendly competition between the juniors and seniors.

“It was fun meeting the seniors,” Goepper said. “I’m excited to do it again.”