Alien lovers disappoint the internet

Storming Area 51 did not go as planned

Alien lovers disappoint the internet

Grace Leonardi, Online Reporter

The online trend to raid area 51 has finally come upon us. It’s been over ten months since the original proposal and people are going wild. What began as a late night thought cycle has quickly become dangerously serious.

California 20-year-old Matty Roberts sparked the movement in April 2019 with his “Storm Area 51: They Can’t Stop All of Us” Facebook page. The raid was to take place on Sept. 20, and people made it happen.

Teens and young adults ignored warnings of the dangers in this plan. Though 2 million signed the petition, only about 3000 people showed up to the event.

“I would not have gone because I believe that it is better left as a joke then as an actual event,” senior Dez LaCourse said, believing that the story is better left untold.

Contrarily, sophomore Ethan Smale, who examined the media coverage, expressed that he would have been there.

“Yeah, I would have gone,” Smale said. “But not to fight, just to observe.”

With the masses suspected to go and the ever-existing suspicion around the very topic of area 51 and its existence, we have to wonder what people are really thinking. How many people believe in aliens and how many just did it as a joke.

“I believe in [aliens] and that if they are on a similar planet in habitable conditions, they would look more human like,” LaCourse said. “If the planet is uninhabitable, they would look bacteria-like.”

There are so many possibilities to what forms extraterrestrial life can take and the perspectives each of us have. Could they be green with big balloon heads and slanted eyes with a Voldemort nose or look more like E.T. ? Do their looks vary by species similar to the different races in “Stargate”?

“There’s billions of universes and multiple types of aliens,” Smale said. “It’s impossible to know.”

The Area 51 storming on Sept. 20 may not have turned out as many expected, but the day will long be remembered as an internet idea turned into reality.