AP exam registration begins

College Board moves deadline up to November

Piper Halbhuber, Online Reporter

Registration has begun for Advanced Placement exams, and students this year are facing the decision about whether or not to take the exam earlier than ever.

“It’s different, completely different from last year,” counselor Annmarie Carabelli said.

In the past, students registered in March for AP exams. This year, the deadline is Nov. 8.

“One of the reasons the College Board has changed the process is that they have found that students who invest in and commit to the test earlier tend to do better,” principal Tom Lietz said in an email to parents. “This makes sense. Once students have invested in the opportunity, they tend to take it more seriously.  We expect that will be the case.”

Instructions for registration were included in the school newsletter, and can also be found online.  The page includes a menu of items to choose from.

“Every year I spend time writing to [parents] about the value of AP test taking,” Lietz said. “The tests are $98 per test. More than half of the tests taken result in college credit for our students.  As a result, that $98 investment typically earns students 3-4 credits at $400 a credit for a profit on investment of over $1100 conservatively.”

Students who have questions are encouraged to reach out to their AP teachers, counselor, or Lietz.