Juniors sign up for PSAT

Ayeza Imtiaz, Online Reporter

The PSAT is taking place on Saturday, October 19. The deadline to register and pay the $24 fee was last week if you didn’t get to see your counselor about it. It will take place at the high school.

“I think we should do them more then once, it is a great way to practice for the SAT,” teacher Tammy Hilliard said, “They are not the same problems as the SAT, but it is a great way to understand the wording of the math problems.”

The students also have a very positive outlook on the PSAT. They think it’s a great way to prepare themselves for their upcoming SATs and is inexpensive compared to the actual SAT test.

“It is very resourceful,” junior Jessica Hipkins said, “I am glad they are providing the test and giving us this opportunity.”

If you’re a current sophomore, you can take it next year as a junior. It is said to be an amazing educational opportunity and very helpful.