Seniors snap senior photos

Nina Andrianos, Online Reporter

As the new school year begins, this years senior class are scheduling their senior pictures. Years from now, seniors will look back at their pictures and remember all the memories from their last year in high school. A lot of preparing goes into getting senior pictures done.

“For my pictures, I went to the mall to find four different outfits, and had to schedule hair and makeup appointments,” senior Olivia Belleville said. “The hardest part was finding a photographer and a location.”

Many seniors like to dress up in dresses, suits, and sports uniforms for their pictures. Most of the time, they have a wide selection of backgrounds and props to choose from.

“I decided to wear my lacrosse uniform so I could show I played a sport in high school at my graduation party,” senior Ryan Fromm said. “I want to look back at my pictures and remember the memories I made.”

Seniors will use their pictures for graduation, memories, and to give to their families and friends.