Your favorite TV show may be ending soon

Colin Gollish, Online Reporter

Within the next year or two your favorite TV show may be coming to a conclusion. While some show’s stories are reaching their conclusion, or have been cancelled altogether, they will leave some fans upset that they must come to an end. A few popular Netflix shows like Bojack Horseman and 13 Reasons Why are expected to end in the year 2020. With Game of Thrones ending earlier this year, TV show fans are waiting for the next big thing to release.

“When I finish watching my favorite TV show and realize that it has reached the end, it is a very sad feeling,” sophomore Tyler Evans said. “It’s dreadful watching those final episodes of a series knowing that the end is only a few hours away.”

When a favorite TV show is cancelled after one or two seasons, it can leave a lot of fans wondering what went wrong. A lot of fans react differently knowing their favorite show is over for good.

“I feel really empty inside when a TV show is cancelled,” sophomore Connor DiPonio said. “I get really bored and it is not fun trying to look for a new show to watch.”

Though many fans may not be happy that their shows are ending, some shows don’t receive the views they need to continue.