JV Volleyball moves up in rankings

Simmi Singh, Online Reporter

Starting the season in August, the JV Volleyball team has many successes in their season with a record of 2-3. Team Coach Troy Hayes always tells the girls “Go out and have fun and don’t worry about the score as long as we stick together and play as one we will be fine.”

Volleyball has recently been bumped up to a higher division this year. Last year The Chieftains were in the MAC blue, but with hard work and dedication Utica made their way up to MAC white. The ranks for the divisions go MAC red, white, and blue, with red being the highest division.

In the MAC white they are up against teams like Port Huron Northern and Grosse Pointe North.

“I was scared to start the season because we have never seen these teams play before,” sophomore Katie Witkowski said. “But I was excited to get to play on the same team as my best friend Simmi.”

JV volleyball have 5 more games and one quad left in their season.