Trade show held during third hour


Alice Correj, Online Reporter

Career Connections had a trade show on Friday, Sept. 30th, focusing on success, during 3rd hour in room 215. Tri-boards with games covered the room to further their explanation of what success was in the students eyes.

“The project was about success, and so they had to go out and interview people and do research about success,” teacher Lacie Smith said, “and I am hoping that they learn that there is no definition for success, it is your own interpretation of how you share that with the students in the school.”

Smith also spoke about her favorite thing about the project and how it affected the students.

“I like that it is peer to peer, and so they are teaching their peers.” Smith said, “It also gets very competitive because they have to vote for their favorite trade show, and the winners would get a prize.”

The students expressed what they have learned and how it will have an affect on their lives.

“I have learned that success doesn’t happen overnight, and going through failure is okay.” senior Kaitlyn Nevin said. “I think it will have an affect because it showed me that it is okay to go through tough times to get where you want in life.”

“Success isn’t hindered by failure, because that failure you face is leading you to success.” senior Brendon Tomei said. “I loved learning about other people who have been successful already and learning what they did to get where they are.”

The students in career connections hope that this trade show is continued for future classes and shared to other future students.