FAFSA opens


Selina Rivera, Online Reporter

Oct. 1 was a very important day for seniors. FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student aid opened up the opportunity for college financial support.

“Don’t let the name mislead you,” principal Tom Lietz said in an email to senior parents. “It’s not just for aid but is the gatekeeper for almost all scholarships for post-secondary school. Over the years I’ve heard any number of reasons that parents do not file the FAFSA, and most are rumors, not fact. The reality is that FASFA is a financial aid form administered by the Department of Education to help students qualify for loans and aid.”

The sooner students submit their FAFSA forms, the more likely they are to receive loans or aid.

“FAFSA can support students that don’t have enough money to go to college,” senior Jack Petruski said. “Therefore, it gives everyone an opportunity for college.”

FAFSA is administered by the Department of Education to help all students planning to attend college. They will be accepting students until the money runs out, so it is very important to do it as soon as possible.