Undefeated JV Football plays to win

Alexis Daniels, Online Reporter

JV football has versed the top competing schools in the division and still pulled through at the top. Undefeated, they opposed schools such as Stevenson and Henry Ford II, pulling through with outstanding scores of 26-0. However good they may be, this isn’t talent.

At least four days a week the players work hard, running through plays and looking at opposing teams game films to counteract them. Their plays are dependent on the other teams weaknesses.

“We incorporate something each week to counter what the other team does,” sophomore Aidan Dillon said.

Not only do they study their opponents, but they also work together fluidly. If a teammate is having an off day other players work around it, they make up for each other’s faults with each other’s strengths.

“We motivate each other and pick each other up in areas where one of us might be lacking,” sophomore Jayden Slaughter said.