Girls varsity golf reveals how closeness motivates their plays

Quinn Johnston, Online Reporter

During the fall 2019-2020 season of girls varsity golf, the Utica team has won seven games so far and are undefeated. The girls varsity golf team hasn’t always been like this, as last year their score was 2 wins and 5 losses.

The girls reveal how they became closer in this season, and how it affected their playing style and how well they played. Their main point was that they became closer through bonding, which lead to a good player chemistry. There are currently only 5 players, so with such a small team, they had to push through the bigger teams and persevere.

“There are only five of us, so we really got to know each other before we played our first game,” sophomore Guenevere Griffith said. “At first, we thought because of how small of a team we were, we wouldn’t succeed, but then we realized it’s fun because there are only five of us which means we were able to get close fast and work with all the different play styles we had.”

Though they were close, others reveal how this benefits their play style as a team, and as individuals.

“We can all communicate with each other easier on the field because we see each other everyday,” sophomore Sophie Rutherford said. “This makes it easier on us to communicate how we want to play since we all know how everyone else plays on the team. It also helps us learn how to play styles like each other, so we don’t have to stick with just one style.”

As the season comes to a close, the girls reflect on how this sport affected them, along with the bonds they made.

“It was a very fun season and a great environment because we are all in the same grade and we all got along great,” sophomore Amanda Beauvais said. “I think even as the season ends we will still be very close friends, because the sport brought us all close together.”

The girls agreed that because of their closeness they had made a bond that would last for quite some time. Because they had joined this sport, they made long-lasting friendships.