Dance team receives new uniforms

Nina Andrianos, Online Reporter

A new season means new uniforms for the varsity dance team. With football season going on and competition season coming up, the team will wear their new uniforms for upcoming games, to compete at local competitions, and at their nationals competition in Orlando, FL. The uniforms are much different from previous years.

“This years uniforms are one piece instead of two like last year. They are light gray and orange instead of black with cut-outs on the shoulders,” sophomore Sophia Meguid said. “They also are pre-gemmed unlike last year. We would usually have to spend more money on rhinestones and glue them on ourselves.”

The team seems to like these uniforms much more than those of previous years.

“My favorite part of the uniforms is the new design,” junior Alessandra Vitale said. “They are much more comfortable and easier to dance in.”

After this season, the seniors on the team will be able to keep these uniforms as a memory. Returning members will continue to use these uniforms for years to come until they decide to get new ones.