Local schools come together to celebrate a shared love of music

UCS Marching Band students prepare for the upcoming MSBOA festival with the annual Bandarama event.

Grace Leonardi, Online Reporter

The Utica Chieftain Marching Band joined Stevenson, Henry Ford II, and Eisenhower for the annual Band-A-rama. The four bands gather yearly at either Swinehart or Runkell Field and perform their current halftime shows for each-other

Band-A-rama is a great place to meet with other peers in band and to see what other bands potentials are,” Henry Ford II senior Gee Cojanu said.

This year the bands gather at Stevenson’s Runkell Field for the day of music and unity.

“Band-A-rama is a great place to meet with other peers in band and to see what other bands potentials are,”

— Gee Cojanu

Utica High School’s Chieftain Marching band brings down the big tent with their halftime show inspired by the songs in the 2017 movie “The Greatest Showman”.

Crab stepping is the most difficult because last year I tore my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)and MCL (Miniskus) while in band,” junior Brooklyn Hathcock said.

The Chieftain Marching band presents arrangements of “A Million Dreams”, “This Is Me”, “The Greatest Show”, and a medley of “Never Enough” and “From Now On”, featuring many instrumentalists including seniors Joshua Essenmacher, Kayla Evans, Aidan Gress, sophomore Andy Lasceski and the 18 member Utica Drumline. Each song highlighted certain sections of the band and their talents and strengths.

Henry Ford II’s show, Women Who Rock, features all kinds of powerful female musicians including Lady GaGa, Joan Jett, and Aretha Franklin. The band had just as much fun behind the scenes as they did performing.

“The band used to like to make jokes about what our rain coats looked like, so we no longer wear them,” Cojanu said.

Ike’s show, Will Power, takes a creative approach at many of the musicians who share a common name of William including Billy Joel, John Williams, Will.I.Am and William Tell.

“The hardest aspect of marching band for me is remembering exactly where to go in all four songs,” senior Irlanda Beltran said. “Look out for the poses we do in “William Tell” before the pony ride because we were all allowed to do our own thing.”

Stevenson’s show, with songs from the legendary band Queen, feature a medley of some of the most well-known Queen songs, classic fan favorites, and an arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody.

“Band-A-rama is a great way to see both our progress and the audience reception,” senior Andrew Krtikos said. “It’s very challenging being in charge of a section and keeping a fun yet work-driven atmosphere.”

The four marching bands will be performing again at Festival on Oct. 15.