Bowling try-outs

Ayeza Imtiaz, Online Reporter

With winter sports starting soon, students from previous years are getting ready to start practice. Bowling try outs will take place on November 18th and 19th for girls and boys. They are being held at 5 Star Lanes at 3:30 pm. Bowling balls and shoes will be provided unless you want to bring your own. Girls and boys bowling are taking place on both days.

“It’s very team oriented,” co-captain Gianna Johnston said. “We all try to pick each other up if we’re having.a bad day.”

Bowling has both a junior varsity and varsity team, but new members are put on the JV team if they pass try-outs.

“Bowling is something I really enjoy,” captain Delaney Dahl said. “It’s not really something to stress about, it’s about enjoying yourself and having a great time.”

Try-outs are open to everyone who is interested in the sport.