Varsity soccer faces tough season

Vinnie Russo, Online reporter

The boys varsity soccer team had a tough season this year. Although they didn’t do too well =, they are already planning for the next season.

“All we can do is work hard, practice, and win districts,” junior goalie Ramiz Wardi said.

Ramiz recently had an injury that he came back from this season.

“We need to stay focused on winning, working hard, executing instructions, preparing and performing,” junior captain midfielder Sam Gegaj said on what they will need to do next season to improve.

Every position has different aspects that ensure they are balanced on the field. For instance, the goalie needs to protect the goal from the rival team.

“It is difficult because it is a game changing position,” Wardi said. “One mistake can cost you and your team the game.”

The captain of the team needs to make sure everyone works well together and knows what they are meant to be doing.

“I need to be the leader and make sure everyone is prepared and knows what they should be doing,” said Gegaj.

Next year, the boys plan to put in hard work and make it to Districts.