Varsity football works hard on and off field

Jennifer Vaida, Online Reporter

For many, football games are the highlight of the fall season, but most people just see the  player and the ball. Few people take a look past the game to see who the students are away from the field. The players balance a school schedule, trying to keep grades up and absences down, all while attending each practice and giving the most at every game. They risk the chance of injury which can critically affect the whole team’s performance, but with the support of the team and coach they pull through and play their best.

“Coach Marulli is the best coach,” senior Zack Keen said. “He’s always helping out and pushing us to do our best.”

Each player has their part in keeping the team together and playing hard. They meet together everyday for practice as well as doing school work before practices. The players share traditions before and after games.

“Before every game we run through the banners,” junior Zackri Jacobs said,“and get in the middle of the field to say a quick prayer and then just play.”

The team works hard, constantly pushing one another to do their bests and play their hardest. Not letting bad weather nor minor injuries affect their performance. Their love for the game and drive for success fuels their dedication.