Utica’s theatre puts on “Puffs”

Leap into the wizarding world with the fall theatre production of Matt Cox’s “Puffs or Seven increasingly eventful years at a certain school of magic and magic.”


Parker Hopkins

Director Morgan Nugent leads the “Puffs” cast in rehearsal.

Grace Leonardi, Online Reporter

Watch the wizarding world come alive on stage in a different perspective as Utica’s Theatre Department puts on PUFFS or Seven increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magicon Nov 21-23 at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium.

This show takes a look at the stories any potterhead would recognize, but from the perspective of somebody else- The Puffs. Wayne Hopkins (senior Dez LaCourse), Oliver Rivers (senior Mack Matheson), and Megan Jones (sophomore Regan Ludwick) take on the craziness and dangers of living at a magic school while being looked down upon by many and sometimes ignored. Ludwick opened up about what it’s like to play a lead role as well as her favorite things about her.

I play Megan Jones. She is fierce, closed off and looks up to her evil mother,” Ludwick said. “Throughout the show we see her grow; especially in the dance scene because that is her turning point when everyone can really see Megan come out of her shell”.

One unique requirement in the show is the way each of the lines are said. Since the “Harry Potter” books take place in England and the characters speak with British accents in the movies, the cast of “Puffs” has been working on their British accents to give the audience the full experience with story. With the exception of the three leads and the two foreign transfer students in the tri-wizard tournament, all of the characters in “Puffs” speak with British tongue.

Sophomore Justin Landwehr, who plays the ever-so-popular Gryffindor Harry Potter, shares his challenges taking on such a well known character.

“I find it challenging to master the way Harry speaks,” Landwehr said, “as well as correctly portraying such a powerful Gyffindor when my personality fits in a different house.”

Special appearances will be made by some classic characters who are fan favorites, played by some very special guests you all may know including our very own principal Thomas Lietz.

Senior director Morgan Nugent shares how being a director has changed her outlook on the aspects that go into a show beyond her experiences acting.

“Directing hasn’t changed my view, but has reinforced my theatre experiences,” Nugent said. “The biggest change for me is the amount of preparation and organization needed for each rehearsal, which has increased a lot.”

The play will be performed starting on Nov. 21.