The “Fortnite” Black Hole Event

End-of-game hoax brings attention to popular game

Ethan Smale, Online Reporter

On October 12, at 2:00 p.m., the popular game “Fortnite” shut down. All servers were unavailable, and the game looked like nothing but a black hole. This didn’t have a positive reaction with the game’s fans.

Though the game was very popular with high-school students a few years ago, current fans tend to be younger. Sophomore Antonio Capelj has a little brother who plays “Fortnite.”

“My brother has spent approximately five hours staring at the black screen with a black hole on it in the past two days, and he was in tears over the fact that ‘Fortnite’ might be gone forever,” Capelj said. “He’s spent over $1000 USD on the game and was in tears during the event.”

Kids around the world stared at this empty screen waiting for something to happen. This lasted for 48 hours, as these fans waited for nothing but a game.

People who play the game spend hundreds of dollars on this game and are willing to do just about anything for a virtual skin in for their character.

“I found the game fun and when I use skins, sometimes it makes me look dumb and trash,” sophomore Ethan Mills said. “But I’m actually cracked.”

These skins range from $5-$20 and do nothing to help the player in the actual game. It’s clear to most adults that this game is wasting their money, or their kids’ money, and it’s not healthy for these kids to take “Fortnite” as seriously as they do.

After the black hole cleared, people have been coming back to the game, as it is slowly gaining more and more traction. At the rate its going, “Fortnite” will most likely be popular once again.

“Fortnite is fun now that it came back to how it used to be,” sophomore Alexis Daniels said.