Utica United hosts movie night

Quinn Johnston, Online Reporter

On Oct. 17 after school, Utica United hosted a movie night. The movie they have selected is “Beetlejuice,” which is over an hour long, meaning they had to split the film into two club sessions to completely watch the movie. Despite the movie not being related to the LGBTQ+ community, it is still a chance for the club members to become closer with one another.

This is one of the first larger activities the club has done this year, making it one of the first opportunities for the club to really connect with one another.

“I think the movie will help the club bond because it is going to make us more comfortable around each other,” senior Griffin Davies said. “The movie idea was made by all of the leaders together, in attempts to do something fun, and just hangout with everyone.”

Others in the club agreed with Davies’ statement, saying that the experience would further their bond as a club. Because it is only October, the second month of school, they needed to do an activity in which could bring all members, new and old, closer together. So, the club leaders decided on which activities to do.

Many members wanted a movie night. The idea of the specific movie was due to the fact that Halloween is just around the corner, and it would be a festive movie to watch.

“We wanted to do a Halloween themed movie since Halloween is coming up,” senior Parker Hopkins said. “I also think it is a good bonding activity to get people closer.”

Many members enjoyed the movie due to their common interests. They agreed that it was an activity that gave them time to become closer, whilst also being fun.

It gave the members a moment to relax, letting loose from formal meetings.

“I enjoyed being able to spend time with the members outside of just having meetings,” junior Davan Palmer said. “We were all talking about it over the summer, I think it was definitely a good idea.”

Utica United’s movie night was a way for the members to bond over common interests, while also being festive for Halloween time. Club members agree that it was a fun activity.