Apple releases new iPhone


Ayeza Imtiaz, Online Reporter

Liquid Retina HD display, True Tone display, Wide Color display, Haptic Touch, and Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating; all features of the new iPhone 11. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the new iPhone just as there is every time a new iPhone is released. There is the iPhone 11 that comes in a 6.1 inch screen in the colors black, green, yellow, purple and white.

“I love it, It is a littler bigger than my 7 was and I love the color as well as the camera,” teacher Tammy Hilliard said. “I just have to learn how to use it.”

Then, there is the iPhone 11 pro and pro max. The iPhone 11 pro comes in a 5.8 inch screen in the colors space gray, gold silver and the new midnight green. The only difference in the iPhone 11 pro and max is that the latter has a larger screen at 6.5 inches.

There is a lot of hype and buzz around the phone and almost everyone wants their hands on it. It has a lot of features and a much better camera that captures every moment and memory in high definition.

“It’s really different from the iPhone I had which was the 7,” junior Simmi Singh said. “It’s cooler, bigger and I take a lot of pictures now.”

Even those who don’t have the iPhone have heard super good reviews about it and want to know why so many love it.

“I heard that the camera has a super zoom and a super zoom out,” junior Jessica Hipkins said. “It’s honestly cool how Apple releases new products every year with new features all the time.”

The new phone was released in September, with costs between $699-$849.