‘Joker’ Review

Joker Review

Brooklynn Hathcock, Online Reporter

The newly released movie “Joker”, rated R, is the topic of many conversations. Many feel that this movie is influencing bad and violent actions. Getting a 69% on Rotten Tomatoes, an 8/10 on IMDb, and a 59% on Metacritic- leading many to believe this movie is controversial and has mixed views.

“That movie- it was a lot,” sophomore Ryan O’Herron said. “It left me speechless. It was a lot for a DC Movie, I wasn’t expecting it.”

Some people liked the different perspective the movie offered.

“I loved the action. I’ve always loved “Super hero” movies, but seeing a “villain” movie, I really like the differences,” junior Caroline McDade said. “I think it was different, but different is good. It’s a movie that leaves you thinking.”

Even critics agree that the film took a hard look at society’s current state.

“This narrative of anxiety has taken on a life of its own—” said David Sims, staff writer of The Atlantic, “and seems to be somewhat rooted both in the actual plot and in broader fears about the state of American pop culture.”

The murderous psychopath, Joker, shows a lot of violent action and can mentally conflict viewers.